IH noun explanation

Before using IH, let's first understand the terminology involved in the system.

1. Data source

In a reporting system, all reports are rendered based on existing data, so we should first establish a data source connection before configuring the report. In InsightsHolic, we support the following data sources:

  • Mysql
  • GoogleSheets
  • Excel
  • Csv

2. Report template

A collection of report definitions. In IH, a report template contains multiple report pages (folders) and individual report component definitions within the report page. The same set of report templates in IH can generate multiple report instances by docking different data sources. For example, if you define a sales report template for a commissary and open the template to the outside world, then other commisers only need to provide the same data source structure to quickly generate reports without having to create report definitions repeatedly. In IH, when you create a report template, a report instance is created by default.

3. Report page

The report page, as the name suggests, is the report interface that the user sees. It contains the various report components in the page, as well as the report component size, layout, and so on.

4. Report folder

Used to group report pages. In IH, you can organize report pages by creating folders. By means of folders, you can organize your report pages very conveniently

5. Report component

A specific report, such as a line chart, a pie chart, a table, and so on. The report component contains the style definition of the report, how the data is rendered, and so on.

6. Report instance

Report template to connect to the specific report generated by the data source