When we find that the data does not meet our expected results, we can use the format for data processing.

1. Select format

1. After the report data is completed, select one of the column names (Y-axis) and click on the format.

2. After clicking, a modal box will pop up, which can process the data according to your actual needs.

2. Format explanation

This feature consists of five parts

  • Prefix: you can prefix your original data with a prefix
  • Suffix: You can add a suffix to your original data.
  • Decimal places: You can keep several significant digits in your original data.
  • Calculation: You can calculate it extra on your original data (for example, multiply by 100 times)
  • Null value display: What should be done when your original data is empty?
  • Thousandth: whether to carry out thousands of processing

3. Demo

1.The original data is as follows

2. The format is as follows

3. The effect is as follows