Filter condition

When our data volume is too large, we can use the filter condition to achieve the query of the data within a certain range

1. Filter selection

1. Click on the filter in the report

2. Select a field in one of the tables to make the initial filter for the field to be a filter field

3. After selecting the field of the table, a modal box will pop up, then select the filter condition and enter the corresponding value to complete the filter condition of the report

2. Filter condition classification

  • Contains: Query the values ​​that exist in this field, multiple input values ​​separated by commas
  • Not cludes: Query values ​​other than this value in the field, multiple input values ​​separated by commas
  • between: Query all values ​​in the range in this field
  • Fuzzy query contains: query all the values ​​of the string in the field
  • Fuzzy query does not contain: query the value in the field except all values ​​that exist for the string